Monday, May 8, 2017

A giant husky attacked Sergey


Wow! What a week!
It has been getting a lot warmer here. 33 degrees Celcius warm. which means people are happier and we get to stand out even more with our white shirts. I think it is great when people look at us weird.
We did a book table, just the two of us. This was the first one I had done since coming down to Odessa. Elder Merrell said that they usually don't give as many away as up in Kiev here. But that was probably because they didn't have me! Because we gave away all of the copies of the Book of Mormon that we brought with us plus lots of other cards and pamphlets in the space of an hour! During that time I got to talk with lots of cool people.
Nadya and Sasha are doing great. They came to church for their second time yesterday and they seem to be enjoying church more and more. President Zhaloba said that they are reading the Book of Mormon every day now as a family!
We found two new investigators this week. Or I guess refound. Yuri and Galina were investigating the church a few years ago and now they are again. Yuri just showed up to church a couple of weeks ago and Galina finally came back to Odessa and was super excited to start meeting again.
We met with Sergey again. He wanted to meet at the tramway stop again and we were hoping that he wouldn't want to go to the beach again. Because the beach is most likely no longer missionary friendly. But to our disappointment that was exactly where he wanted to go but he agreed to go somewhere else. But now looking back, the beach would have been less distracting that what happened. So we go to this park and sit down and start talking a little bit. Then we decided to start with a prayer. Sergey asked if I would pray and I of course said yes. But right in the middle of praying right when I was asking for the Holy Ghost to be with us, a giant husky jumped on me and start attacking Sergey. Apparently the dog knows Sergey and loves to play with him. After trying to tell the dog to go home, we decided to go and find a different spot but the dog wouldn't stop following us. So we executed a highly sophisticated plan of hopping on the tramway and riding it a couple of stops to lose the dog. After that we found another park bench and talked about the Sabbath day with him.
Elder Merrell is doing just fantastic as ever. He has been having fun figuring out how to be a councilor in the Branch Presidency. He does tithing now and we take it to the bank and he conducted branch council yesterday and is just great.
Elder Merrell and I are exactly what Elder Carr told me when he found out they we were going to be companions, "You two will be like two peas in a pod."
Now looking back on what I wrote, this email probably didn't deserve the title it got. But everything just seems a lot brighter and happier. Also, I did some down and dirty scrubbing of our kitchen appliances that was much needed.
Anyways. All is great and I am glad to be here.

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson