Monday, June 5, 2017

We took a road trip!


So Elder Merrell got sick this week. I guess it was his turn. Last transfer I got sick. This transfer he got sick. And both times we don't know how.
We blew up a ton of baloons that had printed on them "Семьи навеки могут быть вместе" (Families can be together forever) and handed them out to kids and gave their parents pamphlets. Kids love us. And we made the mistake of wlking over to a playground and handing the rest out. We got attcked by a pack of those little beasts. I feared for my life. In like three seconds, the rest of the balloons were gone out of my hands.
We had some pretty good english practices this week as well as awesome spiritual thoughts afterwards. Elder Merrell and I had a little bit of free time while he was sick and we made a type of "Choose your own adventure" that we used in one of our english practices. They thought that that was pretty cool.
I was cooking dinner one night and then I hear this Police car with sirens on and telling people to get out of the way. I went over o the window and now have a new version of "Popcon Popping". it goes like this. "I looked out the Window and what did I see? Lots of army trucks hauling artilary!" I don't have the rest of the song but at least there are the same amount of sylobles. So yeah. There were lots of trucks driving down our road that were hauling these covered peices of equipment that had long barrells sticking out the back.
Last week we found that we had run out of sacrament cups and had just barely enough for that week. After that we searched all around trying to find some more but were unsuccessful. We call the other branches near by but only found out that they were in the smae situation as us! However we found out that the Illichyovsk Branch had some to give us as we wait for our order to go through. But at this point it was too late to have them sent up to us through Nova Poshta (a mail service). So we took a Road trip! We sat on busses for five hours that day. It wasn't what you uld call an ideal situation. We had an interesting time coming back. We passed by this block that had military everywhere and then a government building that had tons of military standing guard. And then a little bit later our bus got stopped and soldiers boarded and pulled off random people and checked their documents. That was interesting. I didn't see it but Elder Merrell said that there were also lots of tanks stationed around.
We had another sevce project that we did for Sister Raysa in our branch. We had the Zone Leaders come up from Tairova to help us because last time we did service for this Sister it was just Elder Merrell and myself and it was really rough not having at least another set of Elder with us. And it was a good thing that we had them with us this time because as well as doing what we did last time, we also moved these giant pieces of metal.
Sunday was another very long time at the Branch. We had a meeting before hand at 10:00 that was acually very very productive and then church and then Elder Merrell had to do tithing and other first couneler-y things and another meeting. So basically it was like a fast sunday expect for the fact that it wasn't our choice not to eat. Nadya and her son Sasha came again and had what seemed to me a good time. I didn't get to really talk with them after wards because they left pretty soon afterwards.
Ruslan, our recent convert got interviewed and next sunday will be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood! This is huge for him. And we think that we may have a good calling for him after he receives it. Speaking of callings. It is possible that I will be called as the Young Men's President.
Other than all of that, it was a pretty normal week. I am almost done reading through the Old Testament. I am excited to go to the New Testament and then the Topical Guide!
If there is anything that I have learned so far, it is that you just need to read the Book of Mormon. Just do it!
Also. I just found out that the Mission I was origonaly assigned to and the one next to it, the two biggest missions in the world, are being combined!

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

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