Sunday, April 30, 2017

I just burned sticks all day . . .


So we were super duper busy this last week with meeting with people and helping members move and prepare for the season.
we met with Sergey who is less active. We talked with him about repentance and he committed to us to start that prosess again. And yesterday before church he called and apologized that he couldn't make it to church, but reported on his committment! We met with Denis (different Denis than usual) who is also a less active member. He was very open and even brough his friend Yuri! We met on a park bench and had a good talk. We met with Ruslan who is pretty Recent convert in our Branch and he seems to be progressing a lot more now. We met with Genna our investigator and I was just blown away at his faith and understanding of life and the Gospel. He now has committed to be baptized on the 15th of April and is making great progress towards that date. He understands and is so intune with the Spirit that he almost doesn't even need us!
Our English classes where great this week. We teach two each week here in Suvorovsky as apossed to my last area in Pechersky. We get less poeple that come  but every single one of them stays after for the Spiritual thought that we do!
We helped Sister Anya and her mother and brother move apartments. Elder Merrell said that last time they did that that it didn't take very long or get very dirty at all so we went to help in our normal prosolyting clothes. To our (namely me) disapointment, there were some things that we very dirty like a old, dirty and wet water heater that got us (namely me) pretty dirty. Thank goodness for washing machines! On Saturday we went to help Sister Svyetlana who is an older lady in our branch who has a really hard time walking and doing physical things. Us and the Sisters in our District went to help her out. We got there and realized that we way have been in for more than we bargained for. Because she lives alone and can't really work, datcha (farm house thing that includes a yard) was in need of a lot of help. So we got to work and stayed there for about 6 hours. We cleaned up most of the garbage in the yard and prepared the ground for planting as well as cut off branches and getting all of the sticks and pieces of wood out and intot eh fron part of her yard. One thing that is very common here in Ukraine and this part of the world is to just burn what you don't want. It would be preyy iligal in the U.S. but here you just build a fire out side your house by the road and burn all of your unwanted sticks, leaves, grass and things like that. Then I was put on stick burning duty some how and spend my day feading the fire with branches and twigs from sawed off tree limbs.Now let me tell you. I have never ever smelled more of smock inmy live than that day. It took quite a bit of wqork to get the smell out of my hair which lasted a about a day and a half. so that was fun.
Our branch here in Suvorovsky is pretty small but it has definitely grown since some of the other missionmaries I know served here. And yesterday we hit 47! It was crazy to see that many people there in this little branch. It may not seem like very many people at all especially coming from Pechersky which has about 160 come on a regular basis. But when Elder Carr (my first companion here in Ukraine) served here, there were only 15 people that came. And after our regular meetings yesterdsay, we had an awesome Branch Council where loots of great things were brought up and desccused.
There are great things that lay in wait for us in the distance, but the future isn't far off!! 
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. I want to let you know that they are definitly felt!

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

My Companion indicated to me one day that he had never tried Indian food at all . . . Then I decided that that was going to change.
It was pretty good Tikka Masala but I think it was missing something.
. . . Perhaps and Indian to make it . . .

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