Sunday, April 30, 2017

Lots of eggs and someone getting strangled


This week was a little bitter sweet. But the sweet kind of out weighs the bitter.
I got a little but sick and had to stay home for a couple of days. But we were able to use that time and finish General Conference and do some other odd jobs.
We had an awesome time on Tuesday night here in Odessa when President and Sister Packer came down witht their family and even Sister Packer's family from home and did a Family Home Evening thing with us. It was really fun. Little sophie Packer was conducting and did a great job. Probably trhe only person who wasn't having the best time was Kolya who trans;ated for them all (Exept President Packer). Especially when Sister Packer's father spoke. We could see the Kolya was having kind of a hard time with his accent and ot the most understanible English, nut that all change when he said "So do you all know what the difference between a Shepard and a Sheep-hearder?". Kolya's face was priceless. There isn't any difference in Russian between those two. But he some how figured it out and effectivly translated.
Last week we gave so much service that this week we put a limit on our selves. But what was funny was that no one asked us this week. So the only service we gave was our English Practices.
No it is time for a sad story.
I started getting some of my things that have needed to be dry-cleaned done a couple of weeks ago. I had it all planned out. I was going to take my blake suit first and then wear that one while my blue was was getting cleaned so I could have a newly cleaned blue suit to wear for our awesome Mission Conference with Elder Holland. So I began. First the black suit which was done a couple of days earlier. Great! That should mean I have plenty of timne to get my blue one cleaned . . .
So Friday came and I headed down to Center Odessa to stay over night with another comapnionship in my black suit. I was really hoping that while were still there in Suvorovsky that we would get the text that indicates that it is done. But it never came. I was a little jumping that day. When ever some one would call or text I would sit in anticipation to see wheather it was the dry-cleaners or not. So we took our 45 minute marshrutka ride down to Ceneter and as soon as we got of the bus I heard a text tone from our phone and heard Elder Merrell just say "Elder. Guess what." It was a cruel play of fate. It was probably karma from something. But I don;t know what I did that would cause karma like this - no blue suit. Maybe it was when I yelled at a seagull in Oslo, Norway a couple of years ago . . .
So what has been alluded to and has been talk about for quite some time now, Elder Holland came to our Mission this week. We had an absolutly fantastic Mission Conference in Kiev. If you're wondering how far away Kiev is from Odessa. It is about 6 1/2 hours by car. So we woke up at 1:00 am and headed to the Center Branch and then hopped on a bus and rode for ever. I'll be honest. It wasn't the greatest experience I have had.
But the Mission Conference was great. We got all learnerized and stuff. It was particularly interesting when Elder Holland started going into the Fall and the Plan of Salvation in ways I haven't thought about before. He also slapped one Elder a little bit and styrangled another. And don't think Elder Calderwood knew what was coming when Elder Holland all of the sudden ran over and rung his neck while he was gong over to the white board. It was so funny.
After that, our Zone (Odessa) got to go to Sophiavska Plosha (Sophia's Square) in Center Kiev and see all of the cool eggs they had there. After that, we left again for opur long bus ride down to Odessa. It wasn't that bad. The bus was nice.
We had some sealings in our Branch recently. But that meant along with Elder Holland being here that there weren't going to be very many people at church.
But some still came and we had 12 people there. And Elder Merrell got called to be the 1st counceler in our Branch Presidency since the previous 1st counceler randemly up and left to Israel.
So a lot happend and at the same time not too much. But one thing is for sure, I am pretty tired.

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

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