Monday, January 30, 2017

Almost there!


Well, I almost out of training. I'm only coming up on month number seven. It's alright though. Being trained twice is fun. And i should theoretically be the best missionary ever because of it. Right? 
This week was a little crazy. We finally had the New Missionary training meeting (Mini MTC, as it is called here). It was three days at the Borschagovshy ward by the Temple. Literally three days. We would wake up and get ready as fast as we could and leave and barely make it on time, and then get home late in the evening (late at least for us missionaries). I was amazing though. My double training plus this should mean that I have now become a super missionary. Right? Had a lots of training by President and Sister Packer as well as the Assistants. Lots of the Spirit felt, lots of ways to improve, and lots of good food. On Thursday we watched the world wide missionary broadcast where some changes were made to the Missionary Daily Schedule. We now have a little more wiggle room where we can have a little more freedom to create our own schedules. Probably one of my favorite parts of the changes is how we no longer do our Daily Planning in the evening at the end of the day! That honestly was my least favorite part of the day. but now we do it in the morning before we go to work. And in addition to the every day schedule changes, our P- day has been changed. We now have a lot more time to get the things we need to done. As before, we almost never had time to do everything we need. 
Today we are oing to be having a little party/lunch/dinner in memory of Elder Kovalyov and SIster Bulseco who are leaving at the end of this transfer which is in about a week. Elder Kovalyov is a very intense person, so we will see how it goes . . .
Despite having the Mini MTC this week and not really have any time to proselyte, we still have seen success. We were able to meet with Oleg and it was sooooo goooood!!! We came prepared to talk about the Word of Wisdom with him because we think that if he will start living those commandments, he will start seeing more of the blessings that come from living the Gospel and desire more to progress. But after we prayed he simply asked if it was alright if we could read a chapter or two our of the Book of Mormon with us and talk about it. We just said "Absolutely!" We started reading from where he is currently in the Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi in the Isaiah chapters. He didn't understand very much but I don't blame him. Isaiah is hard enough in English, let alone Russian. But as he was reading about the prophesies of the Savior, we felt the Holy Spirit flood into the room. We then asked him if it was okay if we could pray again and ask Heavenly Father to help us understand what we were reading. After that, he read another chapter and related back what it all meant with the most sound understanding of what was written. That truly was a miracle. There was no doubt that he felt it too. We committed him to study the scriptures very day the way we did together. Praying for help and then reading. Oleg is so strong it what he has come to know and believe. He has upon our request invited his wife to learn more. But she is very sarcastic about it and almost ridicules him for it. But he still presses forward.
We were finally able to meet with Katya for just a little bit on Sunday. She is staying in a dormitory in Kiev for the time being because the internet at her home in Moschun is down and she needs to work on her diploma. She said that she has stopped reading and praying so she can work on her diploma. It's very said that she hasn't made the choice to put the more important things first. We can only pray the she either finishes her diploma quickly, or comes to realize that these things of an eternal importance need to come first before we can help her more.
This week was probably the first time that I have gotten a Church Headquarters refer that wasn't some crazy person. Our new investigator. Aleksander, was meeting with the Missionaries in L'viv and was interested in Baptism but had to go of to war. but now he is back and living in Kiev and we are teaching him. This week we also go another refer from church headquarters but we called the lady and she sounded pretty young, so we handed her off to the Sisters. 
On Saturday, after thinking that we wouldn't have to go back to Borschagovsky for a while, we went back upon the request of Sister Svetlana to sing in the choir for the concert the stake put on. It was good. Kind of strange but good. 
Elder Carr is as great and goofy as ever. This is still he best place for me to be right now. 
Ukraine is cold, but I don't care. I am a missionary.

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

Elder Carr just said when we saw these tracks on our balcony, "Raptors!"

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