Monday, January 30, 2017

This week was anything but normal


This week was anything but normal. Nothting worked out as planned. Not to say it was bad, just strange. 
We had a lesson set up with Katya in the begining of the week but that fell through because her computer stopped working so she and Sasha came to Kiev but even theough she was so close, we couldn't meet. She's working on her Diploma and can't meet for a while with us until she finishes it. 
On Wednesday our Zone (Kyiv East Zone) had a cool District leader training with our Zone leaders and the Assistants. It was really great and insightful. It was supossed to be for three hours which even then is quite a long time. But it ended up being four and an half hours. Yeah, that was fun. 
English class later than evening went well. Nothing crazy to report. We decided to just have descussions this time instead of playing games as to give them more chances to speak. 
Now here's where things get interesting. 
So we had planned and exchange with the Zone leaders where I was to be with Elder Western, and Elder carr with Elder Haybol. 
So this is how from Thursday to Sunday should have gone. 
Friday: start exchange in the afternoon. 
Saturday: end the exchange in the afternoon. do missionary work with my companion as normal.
Sunday: go to Stake Connference like a good Mormon.
This is how it ended up being.
Friday: In the afternoon, Elder Western and I started our exchange together with a meeting at the church where we descussed what we want to get put of this exchange and what goals we had. Then we left to meet a Potenial Investigator at Shulyavska Station were we thought we were going to talk with him about the Book of Mormon. We get there and he wasn't there. We call and he said that he is at Vokzol Station. So we went back into the Metro and went to Vokzol station. We found a him and he didn't seem quite all of the way there. And it ended up being just him tring to sell this "American" guitar to us. It was an american guitar, but I wouldn't get the kind he was offering. We hope that his desires to learn more about the Restored Gospel will deepen. After that we had to run back tot he church so thnat Elder Western got Interview someone for baptism . . . over Skype. We both knew something was going to happen. It ended up being that some missionaries messed up and made some poor judgement calls that made it impossible for this Investigator to be interviewed. the desission was made that Elder Western and Elder Carr we to travel together to Cherkasy to Interview this person. So the rest of that day Elder Haybol and I dealt with crazy people and had a strange leeson with one of Elder Haybol's investigators and lots of strange happenings.
Saturday: Woke up and went strait to meet a "Potential investigator". We ended up having to travel quite a bit to actually get to him. More than we origonaly thought. We sat inside a McDonalds and he just started going off almost tot he point of screaming telling us that the Book of Mormon is false and that we aren't Elders or Teachers and Blah ba blah. We did our best to bare our trstimonies to him but he wouldn't have any of it. Both Elder Haybol and I, especially Elder Haybol, came out of that hour long grilling felling somewhat tense ;) But after a good study session we both felt a lot better and a little less angry. I started making Cinnamon Rolls to give to Less-Active members who would other wise not open up to us and also for use in finding New Investigators. For the most part it went alright. Just that we had to substitute a feww things out int he recipe. Namely powder milk with baby formula. But by the time the dough was rising and we keft for choir practice, everything seemed fine. Choir practice was crazy. I have never seen Sister Svetlana as fired up as she was then. It was a hard time for Elder Haybol. When we got back to the appartment, the dough looked pretty good . . . at first. Upon trying to knead it, I found it to be the most sticky dough I have ever come in contact with. But with the help of what endeed up being a lot more flour, it turn out alright. After a few more stuggles the Cinnamon Rolls were pronounced "done". And I've got to say, they are pretty darn good. Not to mention the amount of frosting that the recipe called for. 
Sunday: Sunday was the day of Going in and out of the Metro. I am thankful for my unlimited card. Because if I didn't have an unlimited card for the month, I would be in some trouble. We barly made it to Stake Connference. It was fun trying to find it. The new Stake presidencey was sustained and lots of wonderfu talks were given. Elder Carr and Western finally made it back. And after Satke connference when Elder Haybol and I went back to the his appartment where they were at, we found them fast asleap like two little angles. Eventually we got them to wake up and then we found out hat we had to go help someone in the ward with his home teaching. So Elder Haybol and I suited up and headed out once again. The home teaching lesson we got be apart of was so awesome. The Members here are seriously so great. 
Eventually Elder Carr and I made it back home where he just crashed after his long ordeal of constat train and bus riding and no sleep for two days. 
Yeah it was a little crazy. But it was still good. The Book of Mormon is still true. And it helps you in any situation that you be in. If you just read. 
Things are still going stong over her in Ukraine. Thanks for takingthe time to actually read these emails. 

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

1- After I finally forced the dough to bend to my will.

2- right after I poured the mountain of frosting on them.

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