Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas never ends


Who says Chrsitmas has to end when you have New Years and Pravoslovney Christmas? Thtat"s right. no one. Here in Ukraine, New Years is the biggest holiday and when Santa Claus comes.Then the "Believers" have Old Christmas which is held on the 7th. So in reality Christmas never ends here. New Years here was crazy. Here in the center of Kiev, you can expect that the street will be packed with people and cars 24/7. but on New years Eve and New years Day, an then now the day after, there is nobody around. It's a little spooky. Sunday was great. We had Sacrament meeting as usual. But some of us missionaries had to help with the sacrament because almost no one came to church. Thankfully we didn't have to bless the Sacrament because none of us can do it in Ukrainian. But then after that, we all watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. It was great to have a mini conference in anticipation of Conference in April.
This week we sang more at Khreshatik street by Maidan and it was so fun each time. The Sister brought stickers and handed them out to kids as they walked by. And many times we had people videoing us and just listening to us sing Christmas hymns. 
This week we got to meet with Katya and Sasha and talk more about what she will need to do to prepare for baptism. she seems very open and is very accepting. She has lots of questions about things but perhaps unlike a lot of people, doesn't let that et in the way from going forward with what she has found out to be true. we watched the Restorarion video with her and it was wonderful. even when she was morning when they were cutting down the trees oin the video, I think she felt the Spirit. 
This week on the 5th, we have a great ward activity planned where we are going to come and decorate cookies, make paper snowflakes, write notes, and have some kind of holiday program. So this week we have been baking and baking to prepare and it's been fun. 
Elder Carr's grandparents sent him a nice BYU hoody that is apperently way more comfortable than his SUU hoodies. And what's funning is that this makes Elder Carr mad because he was planning on attending SUU but now he only wants to wear this BYU hoody. I guess some people's lives are harder than others. 
This week we have been working hard to stop by all of the Less-Active members with in our ward and see whats going on, if they even live there or not, and to invite them to our Cookie party. So far everyone we have stopped by doesn't live there anymore. 
This month the Church put all of our rent on my card instead of Elder Carr's. when we saw this this made him a little worried incase this means he is being transfered out next transfer. 
Everything is going just Wonderfully here in the Pecherscky Ward. The mission is the place to be. 

Старейшина Класон /Elder Clawson

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