Monday, July 3, 2017

But to our disapointment, science has not made a huge discovery and our member friend is only fourty seven.


 Goodbye President Packer. You will be missed. But we are also excited for President Kumferman to come. We know that this next period of our lives will be amazing. We trust int eh Lord's servants.
 This week The Packers return home and we will welcome our new mission president here. 
 This week we had the Vogelsbergs come to our Kherson branch. They spoke and everyone loved having them here. Since we have so few people here I get to do lots more than I would normally have to do. Sacrament meeting is particularly stressful at times as I am Leading the music as well as blessing the sacrament and also translating what is going on for the Vogelsbergs. I think it would look kind of funny sitting in the congregation and to see this missionary running around trying to pretend like he can multitask.
 We got to meet with some of our members here and one of them gave us an apricot. When we met with her she showed all of these pictures and talked with us about anything and everything. We told her that we wanted to read a little bit in the Book of Mormon with her. Then like she didn't hear us just went off on another tangent. Then for the next ten minutes or so we try to bring it back and read but she wouldn't have it. She just kept going off on random things. And then even after we read one verse with her she went straight back to talking about the northern market around here or about her son in Colorado. But she gave us an apricot. 
 Most people here in Kherson don't like us very much for one reason or another. Either because we are missionaries or just because we're alive. I don't get it. I mean I haven't bitten someone for at least three weeks now. I don't know what their problem is. However there have been a few times where people don't run away from us as soon as they see us or try to set their dogs on us. We had some pretty awesome conversations with great people though. It is some what of a rare thing to find normal people here.
 English Practises are doing great here actually. We actually fill up the room with people almost every time. Last time though not as many came put these two awesome guys came and after wards they really wanted to throw around with us the Football they got. Not just any old European soccer ball. But an actual American Football. 
 We also helped this one member with moving some things around in his apartment. His sister and mom were there too and they kept trying to speak to us and explain things to us in their very limited English. We told them that we speak Russian but they didn't believe us. That is a pretty common thing that there are quite a few people here in Kherson who can't wrap their minds around that we can speak Russian. I haven't had this problem before really.
 While meeting with one of our other sisters in the branch we told her that we were going to have to leave soon to go help a member move things around in his apartment, she told us that he was ninety years old. I have seen this person before and can say that he is not ninety years old. And if he is than that would mean that modern science has officially reached the point of making someone immortal. And this sister was completely serious. But to our disappointment, science has not made a huge discovery and our member friend is only forty seven.
 Other than that. I can't really think of anything that happened this week. I mean other than the usual craziness that is always present. 
 Till next week. If there will be a next week . . .

Старейшина Класон  / Elder Clawson

Preparing for a musical number in the last zone conference with the Packers.

Elder and Sister Voglesberg are a wonderful senior couple that keep a great eye on the missionaries in the Odessa area. They took Elder Clawson and Elder Edwards out to dinner.

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