Monday, July 3, 2017

Kherson is a crazy little city that has crazy things happen all the time


What a week. What a week.
This was one of the craziest weeks I have had so far on my mission. We'll start from the beginning.
Wednesday morning we wake up and head down to center Odessa to the Автовокзал (bus station) with all of my bags to meet my new companion and head to my new area. It was kind of surreal leaving my area this time. We get down to the bus station and meet the other missionaries. I leave Elder Merrell and head with Elder Edwards to the buses. We hop on and start riding. And then we did that for five hours. That wasn't the most comfortable ride I have had but it wasn't bad. Elder Edwards and I were getting to know each other and he was telling me about the area and then this guy sits down next to us and starts talking with us. We love it when people want to talk with us because they usually don't. But this time got a little bit difficult. Once we started driving it got really loud and he kept talking at the same quiet level he was before. He talked to us the entire time barely audible to us and we got tired of it really fast. 
Once we get to our apartment Elder Edwards realizes that he doesn't have any type of keys with him at all. He makes some calls and realizes that he left them in Odessa. So we find a tarp and put my bags under it and head to our branch building. There We do some little odd jobs and wait for our landlord to call us back. Eventually we are able to get a hold of our landlord and have him come and open our apartment. Our apartment is kind of cool. It is not like a normal one that you would find in an apartment building but is more like a little house. Like the little houses we have here in Ukraine. 
I am here replacing a missionary who ended his mission here and from the state of the apartment that was very apparent. But good thing I am a clean fellow.
Elder Edwards is he Branch President of our tiny little branch and I am his second counselor. We had a great Sunday and I got to speak and meet all of our members here. 
I'm not going to describe all of our little antics, but let's just say that they occurred often and it just adds to the flavor of the area here. 
Kherson is a crazy little city that has crazy things happen all of the time. 
So far we got to meet with a couple of members and have an English practice. We probably would have been able to do more if it weren't for the fact that we had to go back down to Odessa. It wasn't for the keys, they were mailed up to us. But we had a Zone Conference yesterday in Odessa with the Packers. 
Sunday evening we hop on a bus again and head back to Odessa. We stay with the Suvorovsky Elders over night. It was kind of funny that I was back there within a week of getting transferred out. Monday morning we take a super hot marshrutka ride to center and have an amazing Zone Conference with the whole Packer family. That was the last time that I will see them here. Next time something like this happens, it will be with the new mission president. I am definitely going to miss them. After that we trey to catch a bus going back to Kherson but are only able to get one going latter than we wanted. It was already full and our only other option was to take another one even later. But the lady offered to take us anyway. So for the bus ride back we were riding on a full bus sitting on wooden stools in the middle of the isle. That was not very fun. Probably the most uncomfortable ride I have ever had and probably will have. But all is well and we are back in Kherson. 
Other than that we contacted a ton and did normal everyday missionary stuff and stuff to live like eating and sleeping. 

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

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