Monday, July 3, 2017

Kherson is known for their watermelons


What an interesting week.
You are probably going to want to hear this sooner rather than later in this email so I will tell you now.
This week is transfers and Elder Merrell is going to be staying here in Suvorvosky with Elder Horton. And I will be serving with Elder Edwards in Kherson.
I started my time here in Ukraine in Pechersky, the dead center of everything. Then they decided to exile me down here to Odessa. Then as if that wasn't enough, I have been exiled even further out to Kherson. The only things I know right now about my new situation is that Elder Edwards was a weight lifter before his mission and that Kherson is known for their Watermelons. Also it is right next to Crimea.
This week we gave some more service and in the process of cleaning out this terrifying old shed thing we found this old canvas bag and we opened it to find about ten Soviet era gas masks. Yeah the really creepy ones in the movies. That was those.
You remember Sasha? The branch president's step son? Yeah so he has a baptismal date for July eighth! Just in time for me to leave. It was great. Last time we met with them we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their eyes were glued on us the whole time and we felt prompted to extend a baptismal date again. We always thought that Sasha would just follow whatever his mom would do but then without hesitation he just said Yes. Nadya still is a little bit unsure. She has accepted the invitation to be baptized but still wants to think about a date.
Church was fantastic yesterday. We had Elder and Sister Voglesberg attend as well as the Temple President and Wife, President and Sister Roth are just awesome. I remember when I was in Pechersky and they came and did a little fireside. After church President Roth grabbed us and had us practice with him a musical number for the fireside he was going to do that evening.
That evening after we finished up all of the branch business went down to center. We had a great fireside wit the Temple President. Every one said that our men's quartet sounded pretty good.
Next week I am not going to be having my P-day on Monday because of Zone conference. So if you are looking for an email, it will come on Tuesday.
Other than that, nothing special.
This week has been a little more mild as far as temperature. But it is still pretty darn hot here.
That is all

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

A funny billbord and a view from the lookout place we found.
The bill bord says in Ukrainain, Don't look for adventure. Refuel Quality.

(I am sorry. I can't get the picture up of me holding the gasmask)

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