Monday, July 24, 2017

They will live on as legends


This week we had fourteen missionaries go home after serving an honorable mission. They were wonderful missionaries that will be missed. They will do great things. Our mission isn't the biggest but we had  good number of missionaries here. But now we had all of those leave and none to replace them. The mission is a much smaller place now. They will live on as legends.
 This week we found out our transfers. Elder Edwards is headed up to Kharkivsky to be the next Assistant to the President. And I am headed to Cherkassy to serve with Elder Mattina who was actually Elder Edwards' MTC companion. All I know about Cherkassy is that it is int he dead center of Ukraine is far away from everything. It is becoming more of a habit now on my mission of being exiled away from everything. 
 This week we found out officially that our area was going to be closing so that meant that we not only had to pack our things, but clean out the apartment. That was a huge project that took forever but in the end our landlord was happy and we made him a spicy egg burrito thing. 
 My bag started ruining my shirts so I had to get some new shirts as well as a different bag. And my watch stopped working too, so that had to be taken care of. 
 On Sunday, President Cherniga came and spoke and announced to the Branch what was going to be happening. Missionaries will not be there anymore and the first counselor is going to be acting Branch President while the Area Presidency makes a decision. We had a non-member lady there who gave me a Orthodox book of prayers. That was thoughtful of her. 
 Right now I am in Odessa with two other missionaries who are waiting for their companions to come down from Kiev. It's kind of weird. This is none of our area but we are just going around and stuff. Today is a pretty strange Preparation day. Tomorrow morning I head up to Kiev and then meet my new companion and then head to Cherkassy. Lots of traveling. 
 Other than that I don't know what to write on. It was just a crazy week and tat the same time it seems like we didn't do very much. I guess I'll say hi from Cherkassy then!

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

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