Monday, December 26, 2016

August 11, 2016

Hey everybody!
I know Summit will be awesome this year no matter what just like every year. And I am a little sad that I won't be able to be apart of it this year and the next. I hope you always remember that nothing can stop the work from going forward.  And that includes Summit. 
My Companion is nuts. He is definitely not someone that I would just hang out with at home. Granted that I wouldn't just hang out with a lot of people. I'm sure there are a lot of things that we both do that annoy each other. But we have been called of God to be companions. so we don't let that affect us. Funny note. Brother Jordan's (Elder Roylance) camera stopped working. So he asked his mom if she would send another. So she sent two for whatever reason and the third one is probably one of the nicest digital cameras you can get. Another funny thing is: Brother Jordan is from a super tiny town in southern California. And whenever he sees or hears something here in the MTC that he inst't used to he always askes "Is that a Utah thing?" or "That must be a Utah thing because in my town . . ." *Starts to ramble about how his town is so tiny*.
Don't you worry about my Journal writing. I've been keeping a good Journal From the day I was set apart. 
The MTC is Great! Last week we got a new batch of Russian Missionaries!!! They are all great and we love them. We even have a Volunteer (Missionary) From Germany in our Branch. On Sunday the leadership got rearangened as it usually does every three weeks. We got new Zone leaders. Elder Lawrence and Neuffer the Elders in our district and our room were called to both be Zone Leaders. And I was called to be District Leader. 
Yesterday our district got to host the new missionaries coming in again. There were approximatly 500 new missionaries coming in. Every person in our district got to host at least three. 
A two really funny things that happend earlier this week. was that one evening while me and Elder Roylance were studying in our Room (I'v been sick all week), I got pretty hungry (Due to my lack of appetite during the day). On our floor we have the vendingmachines in our building. Never before had I used them or sought the advice about how to use them without getting into trouble. On me I had a five dollar bill and with it bought a 80 cent bag of Garlic Ray chips. It doesn't seem to bad right now. But when I went to get my change I realized that it only has the capability of giving change in coin form. So for the next ten minutes (I am Not exagerating) I was sitting on the floor in front og the machine in my pajamas with a blancket and whenever the machine decided to spit out a coin I would grab it. Afterwards I had gotten back 2.90 in Nickles and Dimes. I never made that mistake again. 
Later that same night I was writing in my Journal when all of the suden elder Lawrence comes running in yelling "AHHH! DOG FOOD!" and than proceeds to yell/explain that he was playing the jellybean game where you have to choose from two beans and test your luck (it's like gambling with your tongue). Afterwards he then ate another been out of the bag he was carrying and yelled even louder "AHHHHH!!! IT'S LIKE A CHEMICAL REACTION!!!!" then he slamed his face onto his bed and started yelling the First Vision in Russian. 
Life is never dull without Elder Lawrence. 
I will try to keep you all updated as best as I can. But I'm pretty busy here. Especially because I need learn Russian. 

Love you all. I'll see if I can get some pictures sent.

Elder Clawson

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