Monday, December 26, 2016

Sweaters for Potentials


So I found a yarn shop here in Ipswich called Loom n' Shuttle. But unfortunately they don't have anything there to do with weaving. But I was able to get some yarn, needles and a pattern. Today I finished the first one for the infant of the family that we want to teach. We got to meet the dad and help him paint his garage. They are all great and we are hoping that these sweaters will be the thing that will let us teach them. Elder Redford says that if they get baptized because of my knitting that he is going to have to talk to President Monson about this.
One day while Tracting, we knocked on a house where a middle aged lady answered and proclaimed "I know. I know. Jesus loves me". Them said she was eating dinner and had four really excited dogs. So it wasn't a good time. But she said that she would love to speak with us. We gave a short doorstep message about the plan of salvation. She said that her mom had died a year ago and her daughter two week s ago. She also said that she could see a light in our eyes and that she could see that we were sincere. And she also said that she wanted to bring one of her friends to sit in on one of our lessons. We are pretty excited for our return appointment.
After all of that, we were walking down the street and came upon a pole sticking out of the ground. We stopped and Elder Redford said "I can flagpole that." After a short pause I said "Do it." Then he did it! He's crazy.
In our apartment we have a small mismatched dumbbell set. Instead of using them for their intended purpose, we use them for home defense weapons if the need arises. We both took one of the bars and screw on some of the stoppers on the end. We call it the "Clabber". We each keep one on our night stands.
We had our apartment shown since we are moving soon. We cleaned it up more than it already was so I could be as show worthy as possible. And after they showed the apartment to the prospective tenant, we realized that we left our clabbers out. We think that they think we are even more of a peculiar people that originally assumed.
A funny story about last night at Bishop Adams' home. We were just about dish up for dinner (Every one needs Sister Adams' cooking. You haven't lived until you have eaten in their home), when their daughter offered for us to go first. But we declined and asked her to go first.
We simply said "Ladies first." After our special moment where we just exemplified gentlemanliness. She went in to start dishing up, and while exclaiming " Alright Elders, let me show you how it's done!", Bishop Adams totally cuts in front of her and starts going at it. We all thought it was pretty funny. Besides that. We had a very good spiritual discussion based on the word "Penitent".
Earlier in this past week we cleaned out a large portion of our apartment. We found a number of odd things. And one was a large black bag filled up with about a hundred beanie-babies. We had an idea to each carry one with us and give it to a kid as a way to gain the trust of people. We have already given away quite a few of them already. And we have had lots of great experiences with it. I just hope that we don't find someone who wants the hedgehog that I found. I'm not sure how willing I am to give that one up.
Fast Sunday was amazing. Some people might think that I am really weird of how much I love fasting. And they'd be right! It's one of the best ways to get super spiritually pumped up.
I am excited for New Missionary Training meeting tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you all!

Elder Clawson / Старейшина Класон

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