Monday, December 26, 2016

Flight Plans!


So yeah.
We got our flight plans and name tags today. 
So since we got our flight plans, we get to email our families and tell them. 
So I am Travel Leader of my travel group. Our group is Comprised of three Elders and one Sister going to Vladivostok. 
We leave on Tuesday the 13th at 3:20pm. We are flying from SLC to LAX then to ICN (Seoul,Korea) then to VV (Vladivostok) at aproximatly 1:50pm on Sep 15.
I don't think that baggage will be a big problem, but I probably still have to send books home. 

Also I would like you to send me as many pictures of things that I have knitted over email please. 

Oh, and another thing. At the airport I can call and talk to you guys. I already have my calling card and am all set. 
Another thing. My Russian name is a little differant than what was on my previous Russian visa. So my name in Russian is slang for "cool". I am pretty proud of this.

Anyway. Can't wait to talk with you!

Elder Clawson

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