Monday, December 26, 2016

Hello from the MTC!!!


So life here has been treating me well. Yesterday we got a whole bunch of new Russian Missionaries to our branch. Our residence only has two companionships. Elder Roylance and I, and Elders Lawrence and Neuffer. They played a pretty good prank on us yesterday by staging their bags to look like new elders were put into our room. we spent the whole day thinking we would be getting new elders in our room. but at the end of the day we eventually found out that the suit cases were empty. 

So a very important note. No on emailing me may refer to me as an Elder or by my last name or anything to do with missionary work. I am to be refered to as Brother Ethan. And instead of Missionary work, Volunteer work. And please don't talk about the church or the gouvernment or anything Russia could use as grounds to deport me and fine me 8,000 dollars and the church 15,000 dollars. It is important that the guidlines are followed. 

We don't have an Elder Ramsey in our Zone. Our Branch is exclusivly Russian speakers. He is probably in Elder Millsapp's Branch. We do however interact a lot with the Estonian Elders. We have a language program called TALL that we do everyday. The program has words and phrases that you can study and practice wile listening to native speakers say the words and phrases. And most days we share the computer lab with Estonian speaking Elders. Let me just say. It is on of the most funny things listening to the Estonian Elders practice their words. And I will never forget the Estonian word for confirmation. 

Russian has been great. Yes I do feel that I'v had a bit of a head start. The first day everyone was in awe that I could mostly understand or Instructor. Despite my headstart do to me studying the language beforehand, I feel that I have an even bigger advantage of understanding it a little more than the others in my District. Russian cases are crazy. But I'v got a pretty good understand of most of them now. And the rest of the class just started on them. I don't want to brag too much about my Russian. And really I don't know that much. My District is the Best NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS. 

Anyway. I love you all and am greatful to be here. Third of the way through the MTC.

Elder Clawson (Brother Ethan)

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