Monday, December 26, 2016

Divide and Conquer!


Trios and either be a huge blessing, or they can be horrible.
Luckily I a, in one of the ones that is a huge blessing.
It has been interesting have two companions and what that entails.
I believe that because of Elder Slaugh, a humongous door has been opened to us that otherwise wouldn't have been. Our teaching pool has grown a lot more and we are seeing so much more success.
This past week we have been able to have members come down and go out with us and that has been such a great blessing. Before, we could get even one. Although it isn't as much as we would like or what other can get, it is a huge step and we have seen huge success because of that.
One day when we were looking for the Russian guy who works at the gas station, we met another man working there named Mike. We didn't talk to him a whole lot, but we developed a good relationship. That night while looking for a potential, Elder Slaugh all of the sudden started walking up the stairs to the upper apartments. Not much success until the last door at the very top where Mike from the Gas station answered! He let us in and we taught him and set up a return appointment. He had lots of great questions like "wouldn't it make sense that the Indians (referring to the Native Americans) would have the gospel too and not just the people over in Jerusalem?". Later I got to go out with Brother Miller, the High Priest Group Leader, and went to the next appointment we had set up with Mike. We got in and started the lesson. He opened with prayer and we talked about the reading from the Book of Mormon we left him with. He had a lot of great insights. We started teaching him when a lady living in the same house came up to us and started yelling for us to get out and how we were evil and fake. She spent a lot of time arguing with Mike and we just tried to explain that we didn't want to be the cause of contention. It was cool to see how Mike was defending us and we got to see his desire to learn more. Unfortunately, we won't be able to teach him in his home anymore. We are going to have to find another way. We have some ideas.
On Saturday we went back to the gas station where Mike works and originally where we went to find someone who was supposedly Russian and working there. We walked in and the man there was named Vitally. I asked him if he spoke Russian in Russian, and he said yes in English.
He wasn't very interested to learn more about the gospel but liked talking with us. It was funny. I spoke to him in Russian and he almost exclusively spoke in English. A little bit of a role switch. In the beginning we saw that he had a little but of a hard time figuring out where I was from. After I explained that I was from Utah and he being surprised, expressed that I had a really good accent. And said that I must have been a student for s long time learning Russian. He agreed to let us come back on terms of him helping me to learn more Russian.
We hope that is will lead him wanting to learn.
He also said at one point that his mother is living here as well. So we know of at least three Russians here in Gloucester.
Yesterday we had another member come down for quite a while after church to work here with us. Brother Wood, our Assistant Ward Mission Leader,  was very kind in giving us so much of his time to us. While he and Elder Slaugh were off working, Elder Redford and I drove to a potential investigator family that we otherwise without the car wouldn't be able to get to. We found out that with only two day lest in the month, that we were doing pretty well on miles. Some decided that it would be okay to use it. We went and knocked in the potential family's door but they didn't answer. They had a Russian or Polish looking last name, so we were excited to see if anyone spoke Russian.
Right before we got back in e car to drive away, Elder Redford got a pretty strong prompting to walk over to the house across the street and knock on the door. We followed this prompting and went and did.
But unfortunately, no one was home. He said that he felt confused at this because he felt s strong prompting to do it. But right after we turned around, we saw a car pull into the driveway of the first house where we knocked. I immediately knew that that prompting was just meant to keep us from leaving long enough for them to get home. We walked up and talked with them. We gave the two kids the Beanie Babies that we carry around and helped them with their groceries. We now have a return appointment with This wonderful family comprised of a Dominican mom and grandma, two little kids, and a Ukrainian dad named Sergey! We haven't  met Sergey, but the mom is really exited for us to come and teach them. What a cool miracle!
And to add on top of that. After we switched and Elder Redford went with Brother Wood, we found another person from India who we have a return appointment with and a on fire investigator that Elder Redford and Brother Wood taught. Her name is Jeramy and is super great. They told me that she was so exited to hear everything ye were teaching and agreed with everything. She had great questions that only someone really elect would ask. And when they pulled out the Book of Mormon and explained what it was, she actually said "Give me that book!" and basically snatched it out of his hands. They also gave her and English copy as well as Spanish so when she reads it, she can get the most out of it. And she also whole heartedly agreed to be baptized if she found out that it was all true. We are so exited to see how the next meeting with her goes.
 And to add on top of everything, my two companions are interested enough that they have asked me to start teaching them how to knit.
. . . I think I'll stick to teaching restored truths. . .
But everything is great. We are seeing so much growth in our area and Ward. And my companions are getting better tension when they knit.
It is seriously amazing to be a missionary. Good times and bad. And right now is one of those good times.
I hope you all know how much I love is gospel and the opportunity I have to find and teach God's children the way back to Him. I am not just saying this because everything is going well. But in these times I am a lot more able to see God's hand in this work and in our lives.
Jesus is the Christ. He is the Only way. The Atonement never was or is "plan B". It is the only way and ha been from beginning.

Love you all.

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

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