Monday, December 26, 2016

Ukraine, Kyiv!


Hello everyone!
So last last week on Friday I got a call in the evening from Presdient Blair that said I would be leaving on Monday for Ukraine. So I packed my bags like a good missionary and headed out with my two companions. The reason there was no email last week was because I didn't get a P-day. I was just on a plan all day. So I apologies. I flew from Manchester, New Hampshire to Detroit. Then To Amsterdam, Netherlands where we had a long layover. Then we met up with the other missionaries from the MTC and other State side missions and flew togther to Kyiv Ukraine. 
President and Sister packer are amazing. I am glad to serve here in Ukraine. We had a short training where we met our new trainers and got to know the mission a little better on Tuesday. And we found out that even all of us missionariews who were waiting for visas in the US were going to be starting training over. So instead of me being in traing for Twelve weeks, I get to be a trainee for Twenty one weeks! I'll just go with it. so I will be finished with training when I have been out serving for around Eight months. Crazy right! 
My new Trainer's name is Elder Carr. He's from Texas near Dallas. He's really cool and gets really excited when poeple call us back or when we getto teach. He's great.
We are one of four sets of missionaries serving in the Pechersky area. It's the dead center of Kyiv and we get all of the cool stuff. And we have all three Metro lines in our area as well as the crazy awesome WWII museum and the Radina Mat statue. 
So far the jet lag has been pretty darn mild compared to my last experinece living around this area in the world. 
Apparently it snowed a ton here in Kyiv on the dau we were all flying here to great us. it was a bit chilly when we got here. but luckely the things I had were just fine. My companion and I went and bought the rest of the winter gear I need and now I am all set. 

Everything is just wonderful. Especially because I get to devote everything I have to the great work of God!

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

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