Monday, December 26, 2016

The Bishop's Wife is where it's at!


Hello hello!
This week was just wonderful.
We found an apartment in Gloucester and we should be moving in shortly here. The Land lord was super nice to us. And she has so many places where we could serve in her little network. We might have to become elves for Christmas. . .
One evening earlier this week, the Bishop's wife took us our for dinner and had a little "coordination" meeting with her. We had some tasty sea food. And we even had Octopus! I personally thought it could have used some pepper. But if you know me, you wouldn't be surprised with that. One thing that she told us was that missionaries in our area have seemed to neglect going to Rowley and working there as well.
It seem stop be a trend here that when missionaries have miles on their cars, they go way out and try to work in the furthest areas. And when they don't have miles and have to walk, they stay within the town where they live. So there ends up being this I between area that gets missed. So we resolved and planned to go to Rowley the next day which could be considered as one of those "in-between-areas". The next day after finishing our ditsy street we planned to tract on, we felt impressed to go a little further. The first house we knocked on ended up being two now investigators for us. They let us in and gave us some cookies. Their names are Nick and Laura. He is Greek and she is as American as they come. They are both elderly and are busy. But they made time for us to talk and share a lesson.
A similar thing happened the next day when we were tracting in Ipswich. We finished a street and was leaving a grumpy ladies house when we saw a tattooed, bearded, smoking man go into his house. We felt both that we just wanted to find someone to talk to and that he should go to his house. His name is Jason and has a family. We talked with him for a while and gave a lesson. He is a Mason and is committed to his beliefs. We believe a lot of the same things, and I feel that we will have a great impact on him. More than we both realize.
Allan our other investigator accepted the invitation to be baptized and is now going above and beyond. He called us up one evening saying that he has found coats for us. And the family across the street from him whom we contacted and said that they weren't interested, Allan said that they want to have dinner with us. We were blown away and are super excited.
I'm surprised that I'm not dead yet. Every single home we go into they have either a dog or a cat. And Allan's dog, Gidget, is shedding so much that when she rubs up against my leg, she leaves my pant leg covered with hair. Surprisingly, I have only had minimal allergies to this. And even more. My companion is basically a science experiment.
He gets these massive migraines to the point were he looks like he is having a stroke. He has to carry around one his belt this humongous shots that he has to give himself if he gets an attack. He said that the doctor that gave the, to him said that "Now. These aren't your average shots. When these go in, they freaking hurt!" If you know my history with these types of things, you will know that this isn't the ideal situation for me. To have a companion with these types of things. Luckily, he hasn't had to use them yet. And let's that he doesn't have to use them. . . For my sake. . .
 Is week, we get to go to "New Missionary Training". And it will be held this time at the Joseph Smith Memorial in Vermont. I am super excited for this. And we will be staying over night there. The only down side is that we will be staying on unheated cabins. I guess we're camping! Thankfully my companion is very prepared and has enough to help me through this as well as himself.
One thing that I found out is that there are yarn shops here! We are going to go to one today and check it out! I am more than excited. And don't worry, it's all for missionary work. Don't think that I'm siting here messing around with fibers all day.
General Conference was the best! I don't think that I have ever taken so many notes in that space of time ever. My faith that our Bishop and Ward Leader are inspired by the fact that what they have been teaching and say thing that we need to do, directly correlates to what we heard the prophets say in Conference.
I am so excited for what this next week will hold. And hopefully we will have a baptismal date co ding up here!

I love you all!

Elder Clawson / Старейшина Класон.

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