Monday, December 26, 2016

August 22, 2016


It's crazy. This week marks our 6th Scheduled week here in the MTC. It seems like yesterday that I hit my one week mark. What everyone say about missions going by fast are true. 
I wish I could telling you everything that happens every minute of the day. But I can't, so I keep a journal. Oh, by the way. Elder Ramsey is here. I didn't realize it, but he was the first Estonian Elder that I talked to. He says that he doesn't know any Emily Clawsons but doesn't doubt that his mom does because "she has a lot of friends." Other Missionaries here that I know. Elder Millsap in the other Branch. Sister Haroldson (I think that i spelled it right), Elder Fisher, and as of yesterday, Elder Pells. He said that you talked with him recently. As for Elder Ferrin who supposedly came in yesterday, I haven't seen him. 
The language is definitely coming along. During on of our most recent lessons with our "progressing investigator", The gift of tongues was definitely there with us. I just recently memorize the Russian Case chart and am able to "decline" almost anything now. As of right now I have memorized in Russian the First Vision, "Your Purpose", Baptismal Invitation, Moroni 10:4-5, Nephi 3:7, Alma 36:24, Moroni 8:16, and James 1:5. 
It's super crazy. In about a week we will be the Old ones! And we are super exited to get even more Russian Missionaries next week.
So each evening in our residence halls, it has become like National Boy Scout Jamboree patch trading. Except the Scouts are Elders. And the patches are ties. It is seriously the same thing.
Funny thing. In our class room each week, we are evaluated on the cleanliness on the room. A few weeks ago we got a slip as usual from the evaluator. And she marked us down saying that our coat rack needs work as well as our bookcase. First off, we don't have a bookcase. And we have never used our coat rack. And ever since Mitzi ( the person who checks our room) has given bad grades on everyone on our floor. Some have gotten marked down on their heat register. And at least among our district, Mitzi has become "an hiss and a byword". So this week Elder Lawrence and I worked really hard to clean the room well. So we wiped down everything, including the heat register and the coat rack. I will be very displeased if we don't get full marks not to mention a smiley face. 
This P-day is the last day we will be doing TRC (we teach volunteer members who come in and speak Russian) in person. Next week we start Skypeing members in Ukraine or Russia. 
There is still so much that we don't know. But we have plenty on accounts coming in of how the Lord is blessing us for our efforts. 
Since we've been here. We've seen Elder Bednar, Elder Anderson, Sister Oscarson, Elder Clarke, Brother Holland (Elder Holland's son), and many others. In every instance there hasn't been a time where I was edified. 
I will try my best to send pictures, but it is very difficult to do that here. 

I love you all. 
Elder Clawson

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