Monday, December 26, 2016

Hello from the MTC!

It's just great here. the first few days were pretty crazy and overwhelming. but now that I'm in the routine, I feel that this is such a blessed place filled with love. My companions name is Elder Roylance. He flew here from California where he lives. He's pretty cool, and a little crazy at times. But aren't we all? In our residence we have one other companionship. Elder Lawrence and Neuffer (New Fer) who are also Going to Vladivostok. Elder Roylance is going to Novosibirsk and is the only one in the two new Russian districts that came in on the thirteenth. We are a part of branch 9 which is completely Russian. We are all learning Russian but some of us are going to other places like Kazakhstan and Ukraine. In District C we have my companion and I, the companionship going to Vladivostok, a trio of Elders going to Yekaterinburg (Elder Peterson Elder Griffiths District Leader Felt), and a trio of Sisters going different places. Sister Cook who is going to Yekaterinburg. Sister Tanner who is going to Vladivostok. And Sister Christianson who is serving in Seattle Washington Russian speaking. Our teacher is Brother Leinhardt. and he and our substitute Brother Oxborrow served together in the Yekaterinburg mission. and they have only been home for around a year or so. I am so blessed to be a part of my branch and district. We are all very mature and respectful, and it seems that way with all of the missionaries going to Russia. On our residence floor we have half and half Russian speaking and English speaking Elders. And you can definitely tell the difference. We were all called to Russia for a reason. 

Parden my spelling and grammer. our computers don't have spell check or anything like that. And i rely on that we emailing. And sence we try and speak only Russian our English is so bad now. Sorry about not having pictures yet. today is our first P-day and its pretty nuts. 

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