Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 6

So my address here in the MTC is: Russia Vladivostok Mission Sep. 13. 2005 N. 900 E. Provo, UT 84602. 
Yes the pens I like are G-2 0.38. I've already finished one and am getting close to another one. Also, I've been thinking that a resistance band would be really nice to have. If you were able to send me at least one pretty tight one, I would be very happy. \

I have been just great. There are so many tings I wish I could talk to everyone back home about everyday. But I can't and that's alright. 
So there are funny things that happen everyday. A lot of insides jokes and such. Sister Cook in our District who is going to Yekaterinberg made Bingo boards of funny or awesome things that happen each day. And don't worry, we are responcible and never pull them out during class. So examples are when ever Sister Tanner apologises for something she shouldn't have. whenever our teacher Sister Stockwell takes off her shoes. Whenever Sister Christansen starts getting sassy. Whenever Elder Roylance makes a new friend in the meal line (That one is pretty much a free space). And lots of other things. Also they say the hardest one to get is Whenever Elder Clawson gets something wrong. I try my best to be humble and gracious about it but I can.t deny that it's a hard one to get. 
So as of now, we are officialy the "Old ones". All of the other missionaries left who were previously the old ones. And now it's up to us to look like we learn Russian in the MTC. Yesterday we got a new District in our branch. 6 Elders and 2 Sisters. I haven't had the chances to really meet with them yet, but I can already tell that they are great. 
OH! So you know how we were told that we weren't going to be getting our Russian nametags? Well this week our teacher was talking with on of the coordinater persons and told him how to spell our names in Russian. I look on the man's laptop and saw all of our names and Elder or Sister in front of it. So we are pretty confident that we will still be getting Russian nametags. And it's also a possibilty from what I hear that we may also be getting special "Volunteer" nametags as well. 
A little about our Instructors. We have two teachers. Brother Lehnardt and Sister Stockwell. Brother Lehnardt served in Yekaterinberg about a year ago and is married. He's pretty quiet and I think gets frustrated (just kidding, Russians can't get frustrated) with us hen we don't focus. We are all pretty sure he lifts but he denies it. Sister Stockwell served in Moscow about 6 months ago. The Elders that she entered the mission with are still out. That's kind of crazy to think about. She probably the polar opposite of Bother Lehnardt. She's a little more loud and fun than he is, but they're are both great teachers. 
Being District leader is great. As you probably remember, getting the mail was one of my favorite things. And since I have been District Leader, that has only increased. Everyday, twice a day, I get to get the mail for our District. It's pretty much the best thing. And it's even more exciting for me when the missionaries that i give their mail to are excited. Other than getting mail, I am in charge of calling on people to pray in class and such and to lead District descussions. I also interview each of the companionships each week to follow up with them on their companionship inventory (Except the Sisters). 
This last week as lots of our great missionaries left, we were in need of new STLs (Sister Training Leaders). And as you've might have guessed, our Sisters were called to do that. So in our District of Three Sisters and seven Elders, We have a District Leader (Me), the Zone Leaders (Elders Lawrence and Neuffer), Sister Training Leaders (Sisters Cook, Christansen and Tanner), and the Zone Music coordinator (Elder Griffiths). We've got a lot of power within our District. 
So you know last week we were trying our best to clean our class room as best as we could so "Mitzi" wouldn't mark us down? Well she ether forgot to grade our room or simply thought that there weren't anyone in the classroom because of how clean it was. I personally think that it was the later. 
Also. earlier this week we got some interesting news from our Zone leaders. So apparently Elder Griffiths one night had to use the restroom at about 11:45pm. As he went out to use the restroom, he noticed a security guard messing with one of the panels in the hall. And that was it. So apparently that security guard sent an email to MTC president Burgess and all of the branch presidents in the MTC saying that the Elders in room 103 15M were up at 11:45pm last night. So our Zone leaders got a call from our Branch President Clarke telling us that he got this email and was wondering what was going on. After Elder Lawrence explained what happened, I'm pretty sure President Clarke did a face palm loud enough to hear over the phone. So the only person in trouble is President Clarke who has to right back to everyone who receive that email. 
Last couple of times we did Temple work, we had the opportunity afterwards to help and fold ties, sashes, robes and things like that in the Temple. It has been a cool experience.

Anyway. MTC is great and I love this work more and more each day I am here. 

Love you all so much. 

Elder Clawson

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