Monday, December 26, 2016

Хор Кола (Stake Choir)


Hello everyone!
This week was great as usual. Last week it snowd litterally every day but then this week iot all melted and rained a few days. But it looks like that is changing again. 
Russian is still pretty darn hard. But "line upon line. precept upon precept."
One Sunday we had two of our Investigators come to Church including Sacrament meeting. in our ward we have four sets of missionaries and I think that each companionship had at least two investigators at church. It was incredible. I've never seen so many investigators at church! And then we had Gospel Principles class and man was it full! There was almost no moreroom for any more chairs. The Sisters had a deaf investigator come to church and I got destracted at times watching Sister Natalya translating for her. It was particularly impressive when Brother Maxim in Gospel Principles had everyone intruduce themselves to watch Sister Natalya signing everyone's names. 
Unfortunatly Katya has been sick and is staying with her relitives in Chernigov. So we haven't been able to meet with her and discuss the important steps that she has decided and desired to take. But we hear that she is coming back soon.
This week we had an amazing Zone Conference with Elder Katcher. We compared the missionaries Corianton, Shiblon and Ammon to each other and to our selves. Shiblon was a great missionary but Ammon really understood what it meant to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. We talked a lot about how to change our mindset and break down the lmits we put on ourslves that prevent thw Lord from working in our lives. 
Tlast weekwe (the missionaries) kind of got roped into performing with the Stake on the 17th of Dec for a special Christmas concert. It's been fun have multiple hour long practices and have our kind choir director yell at us and tell us that we sing awefully. But all in all everything is great. I am excited for this concert that the Stake is putting on.
Since the weather is getting less and less forgiving here in Kyiv, we have stopped doing the Book table that we usually do durring the week. Instead we are planning to have a special ward activity where we will have ward member some and we will have a program center around the Savior and Chrsitmas and then afterwards decorate cookies and write nots and things like that. And then on later days we will have a small group of of people to go Christmas Charoling/tracting. I'm excited to see how this will turn out. 
Anyway. I Love you all and I appriciate your support in this glorious work.

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

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