Monday, December 26, 2016

Joseph Smith Memorial


Let me start off by apologizing.
. . . Probably one of the coolest things that I have been to. And I don't have s picture of it to show. . .
There were its of people who took pictures of it and we had some group pictures taken. But I was not able to get a you the yet. However. I will do my best to get them and send them.
So anyway. On Monday we drove up to Vermont to the JSM. On Tuesday we spent the day doing service there. We did things like scrape off the old paint and apply new paint from the cabins in Camp Joseph. Hang Christmas lights for this upcoming season. Cut pack the plants by the monument. It was all so much fun. Elder Redford is somewhat of a farmer. So when he got to drive around one of the gaters, he about died form joy. And on top of that, it was a standard transmission. I don't think that one person can handle that much happiness that he had.
We had a r rally cool fireside with us new missionaries and their trainers and The Mission Presidency.
Then we got to sleep over in the little tiny cabins in Camp Joseph. It was unheated and we were all told to bring extra blankets. I came prepared, but ended up being a little too hot during the night. I guess that's a good problem to have. We had breakfast at Camp Joseph and spend a good party of the day in trainings with President Blair and the Assistants.
It was all very good. I am glad that I was there. Not only to experience the JSM and fall in Vermont. But to be in those trainings.
Before we left on Monday to head up, we stopped by our Potential family in Ipswich and gave the infant her sweater. It was so great.
They were so happy to get that sweater and to see it on their daughter. The mom even almost started crying. We are so exited to get in more and teach them. Their family is just great.
After we got back on Wednesday, we spend a ton of time cleaning and packing. We moved down to Gloucester on Saturday while simultaneously being on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. It was a little bit of a crazy experience.
We are all moved in and settled. We really lucked out with this great apartment.
Sunday was Stake Conference here in the Exeter Stake. There were some pretty cools things that were talked about. Specifically about following the Spirit and about the Temple. We had President Blair and the President of the Boston Temple come and speak to uses well as others.
 In terms of proselyting. We haven't been able to teach or find much this week at all due to meetings and moving. But when we did teach and find. We had some pretty good success.
I am close to finishing the second sweater for the potential family.
It has taken a little bit of effort to get this one to where it is in such a short amount of time. I have no idea when I will be leaving.
But I can assume that I won't be staying here in Massachusetts for very much longer.
All in all everything is just great. I can't think of anything that I could complain about. I can only think about how amazing it is to serve.

Love you all.

Elder Clawson / Старейшина Класон.

Photos below were sent to me by Elder Redford's mom

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