Monday, December 26, 2016

Winter Stuff


Fear not! My companion is Hot!

Sorry. It just had to rhyme.

So Elder Redford is great. I feel pretty guilty. But he gave me his coat. . . It's pretty nice too. Water proof. Has a liner. I really don't know what I should do. But I have been trying to work more on letting other serve me and not denying them that opportunity. So even though I feel super bad about it, I (kind of) accepted.
Today we went to Marshell's and I bought some other cold weather gear.
I got three pairs of thermal bottoms. Two pairs of nice Icebreaker Marino wool socks. A pretty nice jacket and a hat. From what I saw last on what you said I had in my account I should have had enough to pay for it with my personal card. But for what ever reason it wouldn't work and I had to use the church card. I spent almost $170 exactly. It was like $169. Could you check my scout and see what the balance is?
And if there isn't enough, could you bring it up to that amount? I don't want to use the mission card for person things. So I need to make sure that they can get that money back.
Anyway. I think I am pretty well off.
Love you so much. Sorry to hear about Abby.

Elder Clawson

P.s. Yes it is pronounced Glah-ster.

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