Monday, December 26, 2016

Mission Field!


Hello! hello!
So everything is just wonderful!
On Monday we arrived here in the New Hampshire, Manchester Mission.
Our Mission President, President Blair, welcomed us with open arms. I am very thankful to be here in this area of the world, and with these amazing people right now.
Within an hour of arriving, we were put with another missionary and sent off to street contact in Downtown Manchester. We got to talk with some pretty "interesting" people. and we handed out four Books of Mormon. After we got to the Mission home we had taco salad prepared by Sister Blair. I am thankful for non-MTC food. Not that I have anything against it. But after nine weeks, you get a little tried of biscuits and gravy for breakfast every morning. 

 On Tuesday I met my trainer. His name is Elder Redford. He is twenty months out and two transfers away other than our own from going home. 
He is from Idaho and is crazy good at everything (except knitting. That's my thing). From what he has told me and what others have told me. The three things he is a absolute master of are: welding, Gymnastics and martial arts. 
And from what I have seen him do, I believe it. 
We get along just great. We have no problems what so ever. . . at least for now. . .

This mission covers all of New Hampshire. And all most all of Maine and Vermont. And a little bit of New York and Massachusetts. Elder Redford and I were sent to open a new area of the mission in Massachusetts. Right now we live in Ipswich, MA. But we are trying our hardest to move down to Gloucester, where President Blair really wants us. 
It is so beautiful here. we live almost right by the ocean right now and will be as soon as we move. It is so green and tress everywhere. And to think that we're in a drought. 

It has been a little bit strange and awesome being a Russian Speaking Missionary state side. In our mission, missionaries are called to either speak English, Spanish or French. Most of the time what happens is that we introduce our selves to someone and they look first at my companion's name tag and then look at mine. Their expression quickly changes as they try to decipher my Cyrillic name. It has also been a bit hard trying to keep my Russian only given an hour each day to study it and then not use it the rest of the day. 
In my interview with President Blair the first day (Night. I was one of the last interviewees and it was super late), he said that he previously talked with the Stake Presidents and found out that around the mission, there are little pockets of Russians. And he indicated that we (Ukrainian Visa Waiters) are to find them. 
So far I haven't found anyone one yet who speaks Russian or Ukrainian for that matter. But I sense that there is someone around here who only I with my language can communicate with. 

Here is a cool story. 
On the day that I met Elder Redford, he walked up to President Blair and asked him that since I had language study every day, if he wanted him to study a language as well. President Blair jokingly replied, "How's your Spanish?" Elder Redford said that he didn't know anything in Spanish. Then President Blair again jokingly said, "Do you want to learn?"
After some inquiring, we were told that the area in which we were assigned is almost exclusively English. 
However the first day we were in Gloucester, the first person we talked to was Hispanic and only spoke Spanish. 
So that evening, Elder Redford called President Blair and told him about our experience. After that I learned that President Blair changed my companion's call to Spanish. Now with four months left, Elder Redford is now a Spanish speaking missionary. 

The Creative finding method we are trying to implement this week is I will make Knitted hats, scarves or socks. And use that as a door opener. My companion will kind of be the "Salesman" in this effort and hopefully we will be able to help someone with this. 

Everything is going great. It hasn't been a great challenge adjusting. But I know that there is a lot more to come. And I am ready. This work is true, and I am the Lord's servant. 

Love you all.

Elder Clawson

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