Monday, December 26, 2016

Knitters Everywhere


Wow. These weekly emails are becoming more and more of a knitting blog or something.
But all good things. I have been making sure my powers are used for good instead of evil!
There is a homeless shelter near our apartment in Gloucester and I have been making some hats to give to some of them. We here that one of them is Russian! Elder Slaugh when he went out with Brother Wood say that he saw this mysterious Russian man.
Elder Redford and Elder Slaugh have taken up knitting. It's pretty crazy. The tables have turned. The two Elders who grew up on farms and are welders and loggers knitting at the kitchen table while I, the not so manly man, was eating meat.
This week we had some cool experiences. The sisters who were in our area before us still had a paper area book. Right now all paper records should have been destroyed a long time ago. So it has been quite the job trying to go through it and find people whose records are not in the digital area book. While going through it this week we found some names of people who weren't in the digital area book who lived in Wenham and Hamilton. Those areas when we first came in were completely empty of people to teach. One day we decided to make the trip over to Wenham and Hamilton to find these former investigators. That day we gave three blessings to non-members and pick up new investigators and gave a referral to the missionaries down in Connecticut. We got to meet some pretty cool people.
Ever since Elder Slaugh has been with us, we have been able to find and teach way more Spanish people than before. And a lot of them are pretty promising.
There are a few investigators we have that haven't been reading the Book of Mormon because that can't read the small text. We have been working to get large print copies of the Book of Mormon in Spanish and in English so they can read it. We are super excited for them to be able to read. 
 This area has really caught on fire ever since we moved down to Gloucester. The work is moving forward and nothing can stop it. 
A saying I heard a missionary say the other day. 
The Church is True. The Book is Blue. 
I love you all and am thankful for all of the prayers and support. 

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

The scarf is Elder Redford's project. The mittens are for my companions. (They wanted mittens that they could shoot with)

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