Monday, December 26, 2016

November 28, 2016

This week has been fun. 
it is alot different here than in the other mission. But the work is all the same. one thing that I have really liked about here is that we do siomething that we call "The Book Table". This is where we go out and set up a little stand out side one of the Metro Stations and have one missionary stand at the table and the others go and pass out cards and say "Бесплатная Книга, вот там на столе!"  (Free book over there on the table). This has proven to be very effective. On condition we give people before we give them the Book of Mormon is that they give us their name and number so we can call and check on their reading. We have so many people with the Book of Mormon in Kyiv! it's wonderful. 
Several days ago we baught some honey from a babushka. Unfortunatly she lives pretty far away. However there is something really cool here in Ukraine called Нова Пошта (New mail (Ukrainian). It is like UPS for only Ukraine. So you can go to a nova pochta location and send something off and you can go pick it up at another one of their locatins. on Frieday we went to the location near our appartment to go pick up the honey we ordered. we walk in and stand in line for a little bit. while waiting we notice the adds on the TVs behind the counter for nova pochta. one add in particular was quite amusing. it was a split scream of the same man but depicting how his life would go with and without nova pochta. the man on the right withnova poshta would walk into an elivator with beautiful girls inside while the other walked into the elivator with a whole bunch of cats. it went on like this for a while. At the end both of them are sitting on the counch and the door bells rings. The man on the right whos life is going great answers the door to a nova pochta delivery man with a package. While the other opens the door to two Mormon Missionaries! as soon as we saw that we both just died from laughter. I don't think anyone in the store realized it though. They were definitly mormon Missionaries. Complete with short sleave white shirts, Black name tags, and goofy looking smiles. It was great. The honey is great too.
On Saturday we hopped on a Маршрутка (bus) and rode out to a little village called Маршун (Marshun). it took a good hour and a half to get out there, so we did our "Twelve Week" study on the Bus. The reason for us going out here was that we had an appointment with an investigator who moved out there from Kyiv. We got to meet with Katya that investigator and her less-active husband Sasha and their friend Oleg who was a former investigator. it went. pretty well in my mind. With my limited Russian I wasn't able to teach all that much like I was abkle to do in Massechusetts. But what happen shows that Companionship Study is very important. Elder Carr at points would use something that I had told him or brought up in Companionship Study in teaching. And from what I could tell, it seemed to be pretty effective. 
All in all this week was great. Lots of work going on and we are always so busy. 
The work of God will go forward!

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson/

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