Monday, December 26, 2016

Wait . . . so now there's three of us?


Hello hello!
So my first transfer in field has come to an end. . . But nothing has changed except that we got an addition to our companionship! Elder Slaugh from Vernal, Utah is now the third member of the Georgetown 3 area. Or am I the third member? . . I don't know. All I know is that I was guaranteed at least six weeks state side. But now that six weeks is up. I know that the other Elders in my district who had their calls changed that were serving in Spokane are now in Ukraine. So I have even less of a clue of when (or if) I am leaving for Ukraine.
So we are having some pretty interesting changes in our mission. The Methuen and Lawrence areas in our Zone (Exeter South) as of Nov. 6 will no longer be apart of the New Hampshire Manchester Mission. They will be under the Boston Mission. And those wards, the Lawrence and Methuen wards, will be taken from our stake (Exeter Stake) and combined with other wards from he Concord Stake to creat the new Shoreline Stake. So yeah. It's all fun.
Elder Redford with his limited Spanish has been able to contact quite a few people. He has gotten return appointments, shared videos, and past out copies of the Book of Mormon to many people. Usually this wouldn't be that impressive. But when you remember that he has been serving for twenty one months in English and has in the past six weeks been switched to Spanish and try to learn on his own, it's pretty cool.
Elder Slaugh is one transfer ahead of me. He was previously serving in the Lawrence Ward and was called as an Spanish speaking Missionary. So he has the MTC and two transfers of Spanish experience under his belt.
He is going to be a huge help to us in this area.
I finished the pink sweater for Eve, Lana's older sister, and she was super excited about it. And when we went over to give it to them, we got to meet Jenny's parents. That family is so primed to be taught the Restored Gospel. It is just do hard with absolutely no miles to use to go up to Ipswich and visit them more.
Elder Redford wanted me to make him a pair of mittens. So I did! And now Elder Slaugh wants a pair too. So I guess I will have to knit for him ;) Yesterday we were trying to contact a referral when Elder Slaugh expressed that he wanted to go see the ocean. So we walked over by the beach and stood on some rocks and took pictures (don't worry. We were well within missionary rules). It was nice. But the cool part was that walking back to the road we met a man named Dave. He was pretty nice to us and talked with us for a while. He didn't accept our invitation to learn, but it wasn't a failure.
I am saddened to report that Leviticus is probably dead.
A few weeks back when we came down and looked at the apartment, we were sitting in the car and I saw next the car walking down the street, was a seagull. He didn't once flap his wings or anything during the seeming long time we watched him. He just walked. And even when cars were about to hit him, he just walked. So I named him Leviticus. Don't ask we why, I don't knew why either. So whenever we see a seagull sitting on a chimney or a power line, we figure it's probably Leviticus the walking seagull who walked up to the chimney or power line. While come ping home from getting groceries today, we saw a dead seagull in the middle of the road. Elder Redford says that Leviticus is probably the only seagull that could die like that because he just walked out on the busy road and got hit. I however thing that he isn't dead but lives.

This week was a great week. Things have been picking up a lot more.
It's hard work, but it is worth it.

Love you all.

 Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

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