Monday, December 26, 2016

What? Snow in Ukraine?


So yeah. It's snowed pretty much every single day this week. But the good things is that at around the middle of the day, almost all of it melts of the side walks. But it has been sticking more and more so looks like winter is here. I guess this is a pretty normal for Eastern Europe. 
One Crazy aweosme thing that happened this week was we got a call fromn our Investigator in Marschun, Katya, called and said "listen I want to be baptized. And I want my huband to be baptized." Elder Carr and I were a little dumbfounded. She is great and it will be even beter to get here less-active huband coming back and baptize her. 
Yesterday was fast Sunday. I don't have any problems with Fast Sunday. In fact I enjoy it very much. I love the spiritual reguvination I receive. But this particular Sunday both Elder Carr and I were particularly hungry. when the glorious time came for us to eat in the evening, we realized that we didn't have as much food as we thought. So we made a half batch of German Pancakes and ate roman while we waited for it to bake. When we took them out, it was like one of the miracles in the movie 17 Miracles where they put the two stale bisckuts in the pot and cook them into a huge mound of bread. Our german Pancakes expanded into soemthing amazing. It was a Christmas Miracle!
The work is going forward and it can't be stopped!
I love serve a mission for My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am trying my hardest to develop attributes that will bring me closer to Jesus Christ.

Старейшина Класон / Elder Clawson

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