Monday, December 26, 2016


This week has been both strange and awesome. 
I received your package and thought that the Lego Missionary was great. Thank you for sending me some more pens and resistance bands and all of the treats (Don't worry, I shared the Nutragrains). And Every one loved Isaac's cookies. 
I will most likely be sending things home before I leave. I am going to try and avoid shipping all of the things that I don't need or can't take by using the resource here in Provo of sending it to one of the BYU stores and having you come down and pick it up. I'm not exactly sure how it's going to work yet, but I definitly know that I will be sending home quite a few books. Also, you should be receive a package in the mail with a Russia Vladivostok shirt in it. I was hoping to have a nice one for when I get back, but if you feel that you have a more important use for it, go right ahead. 
Anyway. New missionaries yesterday. And the construction that has been going on here ever since we've been here has grown to encompass building 13M. so all of the missionaries living there had to be more in other residance halls. So we now have a full room. We no longer have a "stash" closet and Elder Neuffer doesn't get his extra closet either. But it's all good. The two Japanese speaking Elders are great. They have both already been here for about four weeks and are doing well. We don't feel too bad about having to give up our "stash" closet, but if we had to give up our vent space that would be something else. (We have found that the air vent up high on the walls of each dorm are really great places to store sodas to keep them cool). 
So tomorrow we all get our flight plans. We are all freaking out. Now that it is hitting me more that soon I'll be out in the field, I do feel a little anxious. Mostly about how I wish I knew more of the language. 
Most memorable thing this week was when Elder Lawrence's grandfather Elder Lawrence of the Seventy came on Sunday and gave an amazing presentation on the House of Israel and so many amazing things pertaining to that and our Missions. And he and his wife talked exclusively with our branch.
Also. We don't know for sure, but we got word from someones moms friend who is serving in Russia that they are no longer aloud to wear white shirts and ties anymore. And it is very possible that we will be getting our new name tags tonight!
Next week is our last here in the MTC! Monday is our last time Skypeing with Russians. And we will finish teaching our "investigators". It has seemed that we would always be teaching "Zina" and "Oleg". 
Funny thing. We gave some homework to our instructor Brother Lehnardt. Since in Russian word order isn't important, one of the Elders in our district wanted to know how Yoda from Starwars would speak in Russian. So yesterday he said that he finally watched it in Russian and said that Yoda speaks normally but poetically. 
All in all, everything is just perfect. I wouldn't rather to be anywhere else at all. This is truly the Lord's work. Nothing can stop it. Not even some Russian lawmakers. In know this to be true. In fact these new laws in my mind will only add in our efforts to find the elect and bring them unto Christ. 

I love you all very much. 
Elder Clawson/Brother Ethan.

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